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AWS Cloud Services

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CIS as an AWS Select Consulting Partner helps customers to bring existing workloads to the cloud securely and quickly with an optimal migration path. Digital business models are now a priority, and it is more important than ever to make the right decision here and rely on a flexible, highly scalable cloud infrastructure. This means that you will be able on the one hand to react quickly to the agile market in the future and on the other hand to develop completely new business models during digital transformation.

The high level of automation of the cloud infrastructure reduces your time to market for new applications. In conjunction with e.g. „Infrastructure as Code“, new cloud solutions can be deployed quickly and thus made available to customers more quickly and the documentation is thus virtually on the fly.

There is no standard approach to the cloud migration. The requirements are very different, and not all workloads are suitable for the public cloud. A large number of services is now available and the abundance of offers on the market quickly make cloud migration unmanageable and complex.

Therefore, it is essential to have an experienced partner at your side who will succeed based on his expertise (AWS certified consultants) and experience, including your migration plan.

The basis of responsibility for the systems is clearly defined by the so-called Shared Responsibility Model of AWS:

  • On Demand Deployment of systems that automatically respond to peak loads that can expand resources in seconds.
  • No investment costs and long-term resource planning necessary for future requirements, OPEX vs CAPEX
  • Reliability and unlimited scalability of systems by leveraging Amazon Web Services‘ global infrastructure
  • Pay per Use – Billing takes place in seconds or by transaction for the storage and computing capacities used only in each case. This ensures cost transparency
  • Security of your data — as a leading cloud provider, security is the top priority for AWS.

Our Cloud Skills

CIS offers both software and IT consulting services and can support its customers with experts on site, as well as on their own responsibility (remote). We accompany you in all phases of cloud migration.

Starting with planning, recording, and analyzing existing systems and preparing the migration, including selecting the right tools and technologies. Then, together with you, we will migrate to the cloud infrastructure of Amazon Web Services.

With that our activities are not completed, but we are at your disposal, also after the migration, for the introduction of operations and the operating. We live the DevOps culture and address the topics integration, deployment CI/CD and cloud automation directly at the customer.

Our AWS experts help optimize the software delivery process using agile methods. Here, the change from per team – to pro infrastructure „thinking“ must take place and this must be considered in the digital strategy from the very beginning.

We also conduct reviews of your cloud environment based on the AWS Well Architected Framework quasi standard and show you other ways to optimize resources and costs.

We accompany you throughout the entire cloud migration and thus also lead your cloud journey to success.

Migration & Consulting

  • Lift & Shift
  • Replatforming applications and rearchitecting for the cloud
  • Containerize existing solution stacks to become Cloud Ready
  • Creating AWS System Architectures and Deploying to the Cloud
  • AWS WorkSpaces


  • IoT Applications & Cloud Native Development
  • Serverless Applications (AWS Lambda, API Gateway)
  • DevOps Culture & Methods

Integration & Operation

  • DevOps / Cloud Automation
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Development
  • Infrastrastructure Automation (AWS Cloudformation)
  • DevOps & Continuous Integration / Continuous Development (Tools, Workshops, Implementierung von Pipelines)


  • AWS Well Architected Framework
  • AWS Ressource & Cost Optimization