AWS WorkSpaces

Safe mobile work
At home in the home office or on the go

AWS WorkSpaces

Using AWS WorkSpaces allows you to create additional virtual workspaces quickly and securely in minutes at any time.

It doesn’t matter if you access directly from the office, at home with your laptop or mobile with a tablet or smartphone. AWS WorkSpaces provides a secure, stable, and elastic Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) from the cloud that integrates seamlessly into your existing enterprise network via VPN and AD connector and can be easily sourced as a service.

AWS WorkSpaces is a fully managed, encrypted, and scalable desktop-as-a-service solution that enables you to quickly and securely deploy virtual workspaces to any number of users.

With your virtual, cloud-based Windows, or Linux desktops, you can access the data, documents, and applications you need to work with any supported device anywhere in the world. Special high-performance configurations offer sufficient performance with dedicated graphics cards to be able to operate CAD applications smoothly in the cloud, for example.

Your benefits

  • No investment costs
  • Full cost transparency with „pay-per-use“
  • Fully managed Windows 10 desktop in the cloud
  • „Bring your own License“ existing licenses can be used
  • Integration into your existing enterprise IT infrastructure (AD integration)
  • Aws Cloud Integrated Global Scalability (EC2 Based)
  • „Bring Your Own Device“ Access from any device
  • Data protection and data security at the highest level
  • „Amazon WorkDocs“ can be used as a collaboration solution and cloud storage

Pay per Use Modell

You benefit from pay-as-you-go pricing, because you only pay monthly or hourly for the launched Amazon WorkSpaces. Save money compared to traditional desktops and local Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions by not incurring any investment costs for hardware or software to manage and deploy applications.

A strong partner

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