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With today’s digital change, not only servers but also Windows desktops are virtualized. Agility, speed and reduced costs are just a few of the advantages that virtual desktops and the associated infrastructure can offer users. We explain what the virtual desktop infrastructure has to offer and how you can optimally use your virtual desktop environments with Microsoft’s cloud services. With new functionalities, high efficiency and additional compliance support, Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) promises many advantages for the provision of modern, virtual desktop environments.

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User scenarios

The use of virtual desktops requires a permanent connection between the end devices and a server. Hence, integration does not make sense in all scenarios. Therefore, work on the go cannot always be optimally implemented with the help of virtual desktops. However, virtual desktops are particularly in demand in environments with high security requirements, since compliance requirements can be optimally met and unwanted data transfer to the outside can be prevented.

Home office is a typical scenario that enables virtual desktops to work safely on private devices. In addition, virtual desktops pay off with a dynamic and or limited number of users. In this case, there is no need to purchase new hardware and thus saves the company further costs.

Further advantages are the simplified mobile work, the associated efficient and quick implementation of external users on the company network, as well as the administration of high technical requirements.

Challenges in the local data center and Windows Virtual Desktop

Integrating virtual desktop infrastructure can pose a number of challenges. To ensure optimal provision in your own local data center, for example, enough computing power must be available and the provision of individual user profiles can be very complex. Furthermore, the risk of incorrect licensing due to operating systems and access types can be very high.

We support you with these problems with Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). WVD is a cloud-based service from Microsoft for virtualizing desktops and applications. With the help of the service, the risks mentioned are reduced by using the infrastructure in a highly automated manner from the Microsoft Azure Cloud. With WVD you use your modern workplaces as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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