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CIS Solutions further expands partnership with AWS

CIS Solutions is responsible for the AWS partnership within the entire ICT Group.

By constantly meeting different AWS requirements, we were able to take the next step.

This gave the ICT Group the Select Consulting Partner status.

IPW uses CIS IoT Cloud as a smart building solution

Our customer IPW uses the CIS IoT Cloud Platform (SaaS) as a smart building solution.

By connecting various devices (e.g. emergency lighting, fire alarm systems, etc.) to the platform, the customer receives comprehensive monitoring of the building through the data obtained.

Here we use the AWS Cloud as the basis of our platform.

Figure: The CIS IoT cloud platform with its own data is shown here

Deutsche Immobilien-Renten AG relies on AWS cloud infrastructures

Deutsche Immobilien-Renten AG uses the AWS Cloud to operate the product “Meine Wohnrente”.

With the holistic cloud transformation, CIS enables the customer to operate the solution in a stable manner.

Various AWS cloud services were used.

If you want to know which ones?

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