Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

conNXT platform for vacuum pumps

Manufacturer of vacuum pumps

IOT platform for vacuum pumps

Manufacturer of vacuum technologies

Customer: vacuum technology company.

Goal: Connection of vacuum pumps to the conNXT platform to provide real-time monitoring data, predictive maintenance and alarm notifications.

Solution: Adaptation of our conNXT solution according to customer requirements, development of gateway software connected to the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Procedure: Multi-phase project starting with a proof of concept (POC), followed by a pilot project, which should include the development of a complete data collection solution for three pumps and the installation of 200 work units for end customers. Further requirement was the connection of 12 different inverters or pumps to a cloud. The pilot project aimed at preparing for a long-term project to connect 13,000 vacuum pumps to the conNXT cloud platform, their integration between gateway and application, data reduction and compression, and alarm configuration.

Project management, code versioning and documentation from distributed teams at different locations required team collaboration using Microsoft Office 365 tools in conjunction with the Microsoft DevOps environment. Gateways were implemented in Python, while the platform was adapted in C #, which is hosted on an Azure cloud.


  • Use of our “Out of the Box” IoT platform conNXT
  • very fast time to market
  • scalable thanks to the use of the latest technologies and the MS Azure Cloud
  • possibility of simple adjustments by our customers