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Digital transformation consulting

The development of digital technologies is progressing rapidly and is accompanied by a transformation of the economy and changes all of our communication and work behavior. This creates enormous potential for existing processes in the company or for new fields of application. More and more data is generated by devices and users, which can be automatically analyzed and used for “smart data” or combined. The composition of this data enables the opportunity to create new intelligent services, such as “smart services”. With the digital change, the way of value creation processes is changing.

Years of experience and a large number of implemented digital transformation projects have shown us that the best POC (Proof of Concept) or POV (Proof of Value) is of little use if the business conditions and strategies are not coordinated with it.

In addition to the IT implementation project, we therefore also offer appropriate advice in advance of such projects. The Strategic Business Design Workshop sets the framework, supported by management, for the digitalization of a company. It is decided here which service – based on data from devices – should be used to earn money in the future.

The Architectural Design Workshop, also called the Technical Workshop, then takes on this management assignment and creates an IT architecture taking into account the existing IT infrastructure. This is the right starting point for project-based implementation of solutions.

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Our 4C model (Connect – Collect – Control – Change) describes how a digital transformation can be realized in four steps.


This step connects devices to a central data repository such as the cloud. This enables the status of devices to be displayed live in dashboards. Communication and identity management is already set up in this step. A classic service such as Condition monitoring can hereby be offered.


The Collect step saves the received data over time in large data lakes. This means that they are available for long-term evaluations. Linking with data from other sources (e.g. weather data from the Internet) is also possible from here. As services, forecasts can be derived about further development and thus e.g. Predictive maintenance are offered.


One-sided transmission of data can also be used to control a remote device over the same communication link. With this, e.g. pumps and ventilation can be switched on and off remotely.


The Change discipline represents the supreme discipline of digital transformation. With the help of the first three steps, completely new business models and the services they contain are developed. For example, the manufacturer of a fan can make statements about the obstacles in the air flow, such as filters, by evaluating system data and thus offer a completely new business case on the market.

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