Predictive services & predictive analyses
Boost your efficiency and productivity, and develop new business models!
Predictive services open up new market opportunities – in the fields of maintenance and resource optimisation, for example. By linking sensors and devices, you are able to detect machine malfunctions early on, efficiently instigate corrective or preventive maintenance measures, and improve their quality – and that even remotely.
Our use of existing systems with flexible architecture and supplementation with numerous components means the initial project expenses are kept to a minimum. Thanks to the open interfaces, the system can be seamlessly integrated into your IT system landscape.
Predictive maintenance
Receive information on parts subject to wear!
Sensors record and evaluate data on parts subject to wear.
Predict damage to parts subject to wear!
The sensor data recorded is validated in order to predict malfunctions.
Perform maintenance work before malfunctions occur!
The information obtained can be used to complete maintenance work before malfunctions occur.
Predictive malfunction diagnostics
Optimise troubleshooting with remote access!
Remote access, troubleshooting and malfunction rectification mean machine manufacturers and maintenance service providers are also able to provide some services remotely.
Improve your service availability!
Combine the information on the existing malfunction with the availability of your services and service providers and coordinate these optimally.
Minimise your costs!
Rapid and uncomplicated processing of service issues boosts satisfaction among your customers and at the same time optimises your resource usage for service provision.
Predictive marketing
Combine your own analysis data with market data!
Compare the specific data (e.g. on the inventory) with general weather data (e.g. heat waves) and draw conclusions (e.g. on potential sales behaviour).
Deduce the necessary measures!
Deduce measures from the conclusions drawn (e.g. on the anticipated increased need for cold drinks) and react accordingly (e.g. by increasing POS stock).
Use an interoperable system!
The iOTA platform is an open, fully compatible and flexible solution that can be implemented quickly and easily, quickly saving your time and money.
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