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The Internet of Things, IoT for short, is more than just a future vision. It has long since entered many areas of life and enables virtually unlimited options thanks to the digital networking of different devices. Thus energy consumption can be monitored by software, a smartphone used to control heating, lighting or the oven, and fitness bracelets provide information on our physical activity.
Yet the IoT has meanwhile not only arrived in the private sphere but also in industry, and enables the networking of all machines, products, systems and humans involved in the production process.
In the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), huge quantities of data are recorded and evaluated intelligently to be able to reach decisions and determine measures. Within this, secure remote access to distributed plants and equipment via a cloud forms the basis of many industry 4.0 concepts.
The main challenge lies in analysing the big data collected in real time to develop predictions and be able to react proactively. This is exactly where the Internet of Things Analytics (iOTA) platform comes in, which is among others based on Microsoft Azure and the Azure IoT Suite. With this, CIS Solutions allows you to create greater transparency, boost productivity, reduce costs and develop new business models. Get on board now and lead your company into the future!
Our focus areas
We link all types of devices, information devices and sensors, even if they were not yet connected to the internet.
These objects can now be managed, controlled and operated via the internet or a cloud – regardless of whether they are a product, IT system, mobile device or machine.
Deduce information from the data received that enables concrete decisions and actions.
We support you in all project phases!

The aim is to determine, document, structure and review your requirements of the system to develop. Important components include the stakeholder analysis and description of the use cases. The findings of a requirements analysis will be documented in specifications; during agile software development, the outcome is a product backlog.

The aim is to develop system architecture that implements the requirements described in the specifications tailored to your existing system landscape. The outcome is the presentation of a model of your new system – according to your needs, in different formats (data flow diagram, state flow diagram, MATLAB model, etc.).

During this phase, the customer knowledge specifically needed and all test criteria are compiled and structured in collaboration with the knowledge carriers and/or employees. In parallel, the graphical user interface and further functions such as voice commands are developed. Preliminary usage tests then follow and demo versions are created.

Following a review of all criteria and safeguarding of the stability and reliability in addition to all functions (including reporting configurations and templates), the solution is implemented, integrated into the system landscape and tested.

Take advantage of the holistic iOTA solution!

iOTA core
The iOTA Core is a scalable holistic solution that brings together the software, communication infrastructure, data analyses, networked operating applications, products and systems on one platform. It combines the linking of end devices, control, management and administration of these devices with the import, storage and analysis of data to generate usable information. The gateway therefore forms the centrepiece of this open system that links devices that were not previously connected to the internet and can also be used on proprietary interfaces.


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure forms part of the IOTA core, a growing collection of integrated cloud services for analyses, computing, data bases, mobile devices, networks, storage and the web. New devices can be added and existing devices linked using the software development kits (SDKs) for different platforms.

Microsoft Azure IoT Suite

The Azure IoT Suite is also integrated into the IOTA core, which allows you to record and visualise previously unused data from devices and sensors in real time to deduce any necessary measures.

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