Competitive advantages through digital transformation
Take advantage of our unique holistic solution!
Because knowledge is not static but rather is continually changing and developing, an innovative knowledge processing system is needed that adapts and reacts flexibly – and that does more than merely compiling and storing data. We offer a unique, highly-efficient solution that intelligently combines the components of knowledge compilation, preparation, organisation and development in addition to quality assurance and process optimisation.
The LogicNets information system is an intelligent software solution for companies and institutions wishing to efficiently digitalise, coordinate, structure, automate and standardise their knowledge and decision-making processes. The data of all process participants fed into the web-based platform are made available in an uncomplicated manner across all locations and presented in a clearly comprehensible format. Allowing internal cooperation to not only be significantly expanded but also brought to a new, optimal level.
Your advantages in overview
Count on tried-and-tested standard solutions!
Because we count on tried-and-tested standard solutions from reputable manufacturers such as Intel and Microsoft, you benefit from pre-integrated, pre-validated hardware and software components. The preconfigured framework will be adjusted to your needs and complemented with additional components.
Use the advantages of an open system!
The open system means that all devices can be linked regardless of the manufacturer as long as these have the desired interface.
Reduce your costs!
Use the predictive services to save money by optimising your corrective and preventative maintenance, improving your system’s operating times, increasing the life span of devices and expanding the service availability.
Benefit rapidly from product developments!
Benefit immediately from all product enhancements and adjustments by the manufacturer.
Compile data and deduce actions!
Obtain valuable information from the data you have compiled and take the according measures.
Benefit from a scalable solution!
The Azure services with user-based payment can be scaled up or down at any time as needed, meaning that you only ever pay for the resources that you actually use.
Use an interoperable system!
The iOTA platform is an open, fully compatible and flexible solution that can be implemented quickly and easily, quickly saving your time and money.
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  • CIS-Solutions-Software-Consulting-IT-Consulting-iOTSuite+-Digitale-Transformation-Optimierung-Betriebsprozesse-Produktinnovation-Gateway
    iOTA: GreenFlux
    Optimized communication
  • CIS-Solutions-Software-Consulting-IT-Consulting-iOTSuite+-Digitale-Transformation-Optimierung-Betriebsprozesse-Produktinnovation-Gateway
    iOTA: PowerMatching City
    A cloud-based intelligent energy service and operation platform