The innovative information system for decision-making support
Boost efficiency with the LogicNets platform
Because knowledge is not static but rather is continually changing and developing, an innovative knowledge processing system is needed that adapts and reacts flexibly – and that does more than merely compiling and storing data. We offer a unique, highly-efficient solution that intelligently combines the components of knowledge compilation, preparation, organisation and development in addition to quality assurance and process optimisation.
The LogicNets information system is an intelligent software solution for companies and institutions wishing to efficiently digitalise, coordinate, structure, automate and standardise their knowledge and decision-making processes. The data of all process participants fed into the web-based platform are made available in an uncomplicated manner across all locations and presented in a clearly comprehensible format. Allowing internal cooperation to not only be significantly expanded but also brought to a new, optimal level.
The software components
Knowledge management
Make your company knowledge available across all locations, universally accessible and transparent.
Decision-making support
Base your decisions on objective, uniform and comprehensible standards.
Analyses and results presentation
Obtain comprehensible analyses and clear illustrations of complex issues.
Knowledge management

A sustainable knowledge transfer across all locations

Different locations and departments, a diversity of documents stored decentrally, person-specific and undocumented knowledge in addition to employee fluctuation often make it difficult to ensure all employees central access to company knowledge and decision-making processes. Our LogicNets software is THE solution for a person-independent, sustainable and transparent knowledge transfer across all locations.

All information on decision-making processes or statements from these can be accessed by all involved parties at any time both online and offline as well as via a variety of different devices.
Knowledge remains available to all company generations and in case of fluctuation, and is preserved in the long term.
All decisions are made available to all employees and involved parties and are clearly comprehensible.
Learning processes
Given that the software serves a heuristic process, the system continuously learns from previous decision-making processes and is able to predict the probability of specific events and/or causes through statistical analyses.
Decision-making support

Standardised and consistent decision-making processes

Due to different levels of information and knowledge in addition to the legal conditions, the different assessments of situations and individual preferences, the principles according to which people reach decisions are always different. This inconsistency often leads to uncertainty, inaccuracy and a lack of clarity within the company. LogicNets allows you to bring a “clear line” to your decision-making processes, ensuring improved conformity with regulations and quality.

All decisions are based on uniform rules.
Because the human brain is particularly limited when under pressure, important information can rapidly get lost. Supporting decision-making processes with LogicNets software mean omissions do not occur. This can significantly increase the quality of your decisions.
Different factors such as emotions and the current state of mind can, albeit unconsciously, influence the decision-making process and make it difficult for other people to understand the decisions reached. With LogicNets, the correct decisions are reached based on factual information.
Analyses and results presentation

Analysis of the information saved and clear presentation of the results

Merely compiling and storing data is of little benefit if it cannot be used to draw the right conclusions and deduce the according action. LogicNets enables the analysis of complex matters and processes, and their transparent presentation.

Reduction in complexity
A high degree of complexity often means that important details are overlooked or neglected. This loss of information can rapidly lead to the wrong decisions being made. LogicNets allows even the most complex of matters to be taken into account in decision-making processes and presented transparently.
The information stored can be used to prepare analyses. This either takes place within the system according to your targets or using data imports through other analysis tools.
Presentation of results
The graphic, schematic and tabular options for presenting results are extremely diverse and can be decided by the customers.
Automated and standardised report templates are prepared from all the requirements (including any legal norms) that document the entire decision-making process and can be saved for further use.
Information videos

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