A cloud-based service and operation platform to control the energy charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.
Customer: GreenFlux // Sector: Electric Mobility

Customer: GreenFlux is a Dutch service provider active in the field of electric mobility with extensive experience in the remote administration of intelligent charging infrastructure. The company operates a large network of charging stations in offices, private homes and public spaces in addition to a customer platform for drivers of electric vehicles.

Aim: Because the Netherlands is well-suited to electric vehicles due to the relatively short distances and the market there is growing as a consequence, not only the according infrastructure is needed. A platform is also required with which the energy demand can be predicted for all times of the day and night, and the consumption controlled and compensated. A customer platform is also required for drivers.

Solution: As GreenFlux’s product development partner, ICT is responsible for the design, set-up and operative management of the GreenFlux service and operation platform. This is an excellent example of the combination of integrated technology and a cloud, and form the basis for the predictive charging network.

Approach: GreenFlux uses an entirely central solution, which is based on intelligent, predictive algorithms that calculate the energy needs and controls consumption accordingly. The platform comprises infrastructure and service provider modules, management and control options for the charging stations, smart charging modules, a customer and service portal, and app interfaces.


  • Customer registration and authorisation, invoicing and help desk in one platform
  • A flexible platform that can be linked with other systems and service providers
  • An operative back office for remote administration of all charging stations
Result of our implementation

Increase in Efficiency in %

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