A cloud-based intelligent energy service and operation platform
Customer: PowerMatching City // Industry: Smart Energy

Customer: The PowerMatching City project was implemented together with the partners Enexix, Essent, Gasunie, DNV GL, ICT and TNO with technical support from the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, Delft University of Technology and Eindhoven University of Technology.

Aim: The PowerMatching City project is a unique field test involving 42 households in Groningen that intelligently links the supply and demand for electricity and heat and thus tests the smart grid concept in a practical setting. The aim is to draw the greatest possible benefits from central and renewable energy systems.

Solution: As a software provider for intelligent electricity networks and developer of intelligent energy control solutions, ICT was the strategic project partner and developed a smart energy service platform.

Approach: ICT was responsible for development management and control technology for the innovative energy systems such as cogeneration plants, photovoltaic systems and wind turbines. Intelligent charging solutions for electric vehicles were also developed. The energy networks were monitored, managed and controlled, all devices in the cloud linked with one another, and data compiled and compared via the iOTA platform. Within this, the collection and compilation in addition to the making available and provision of data (from smart readers and other devices, information on energy production, and utilisation of the individual network segments of the local providers) were central components.


    • Intelligent smart energy service platform for energy efficiency/demand management, capacity management, real-time price determination and local optimisation
    • Secure, scalable solution
    • Robust system for ensuring a reliable supply
Success of our implementation

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