Error diagnostics and resolution for transport temperature systems
Industry: Transport and Logistics

Customer: A company active in the fields of transport and logistics

Aim: To enable reliable error diagnostics for cooling systems and introduce the according error resolution measures

Solution: Thanks to LogicNets, errors are rapidly detected and can be resolved immediately.

Approach: The LogicNets system displays an error code that allows drivers of refrigerated vehicles to identify exactly which element of the cooling system is causing problems. The system asks specific questions to obtain detailed information and deduce the according immediate measures, e.g. contact an engineer to resolve the problem as soon as possible. All manuals and repair steps are available in a digital format on a tablet computer.


  • The cold chain is not broken, cost savings
  • Opportunities for proactive maintenance
  • Increased vehicle lifespan
  • Increased revenue from the sale of spare parts
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Modelling of logs
The success of our implementation

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