Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Schmidtsche Schack – Arvos Group

Industry 4.0 – digital service platform for chemical plants

Customer: company producing heat exchangers for chemical plants

Goal: Development of a sensor-based analysis system for monitoring production plant components.

Solution: Specially developed sensors enable real-time reading of heat exchanger operating parameters and component status. The system shows whether threshold values ​​are exceeded. Furthermore, recommendations regarding the optimal use of process heat exchangers are shown and in this context maintenance work is planned to ensure minimal downtimes.

Procedure: In close cooperation with our customer (Schmidtsche Schack), the IoT platform was developed agile.


  • Tailored dashboards
  • Easy-to-understand display of important information such as the current status of the heat exchanger, performance data, risks and system forecasts
  • Recommendations regarding plant management provides real added value to our customers